Web Development

But we don’t stop with the front end by any means. To us, a truly exceptional user experience extends deeper into the core features and frameworks of a site, and we don’t rest until every pillar has been built with intelligence from the ground up, and then chiseled to perfection. Be it from speed to security, or usability to legality, we’ve considered everything so that you don’t have to stress over anything.

We don’t know about you, but we haven’t seen the same level of commitment or attention to detail anywhere in the competition.

Yet the question remains, how do we accomplish this? By paying special attention to the following (and often overlooked) aspects of web development, starting with the cornerstone:

We provide performance optimization services for your website.
We provide security hardening services for your website.

Because our sites use only a minimal amount of JavaScript (which executes code on the visitor’s computer to render and interact with webpages), this means that they are also naturally resistant to certain JS-based weaknesses that many other sites are more prone to, as there is effectively less attack surface to potentially exploit those vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, our websites utilize various hardening tactics and filesystem integrity monitoring tools, protecting them 24/7/365 from a range of potential calamities, including malware infection, foreign login attempts, cross site scripting, SQL injections, local file inclusions, privilege escalations, and brute force attacks, among others.

All together, you can rest easily knowing that with Noctilucent, your site will always be safe and sound.*1

Simply put, by partnering with us, just imagine how many more lifelong customers you’ll pick up when accommodating for the entire demographic pie.

We provide disability optimization services for your website.
We provide lawyer-written legal documentation for your website.

If any publicly-accessible website has a contact form, accepts email addresses for a newsletter, or uses analytics software, it is by law required to provide a suitable Privacy Policy describing how it handles user data. Other businesses’ websites that you’ve seen in the wild which fit the above criteria yet either do not have a policy or an insufficiently descriptive one are acting in direct violation of this law.

But that doesn’t mean that yours has to be too; each website developed by Noctilucent is not just fully compliant with these regulations through the inclusion of a contextually comprehensive Privacy Policy, but also comes with crucial liability protections as standard in the form of an Accessibility Statement document, plus Terms of Use document that describes the relationship between the site and visitor in detail as applicable and where needed.

Which shields your business from unforeseen consequences such as violation notices, fines, and lawsuits issued by disgruntled visitors and passerby bureaucrats from three-letter organizations looking to easily profit (at your expense).

Lastly, every site we imagine is expertly and lovingly constructed with the free and open source WordPress.org content management system, not only ensuring that your online presence always remains on the cutting edge of perpetually evolving web standards and technologies, but that they are also delivered to you markedly faster.

We provide WordPress consultation services for your website.

Ready to make the first step? Simply tell us a little bit about who you are and what your business does, which of our plans and / or services interest you, and what type of online presence your business already has, if any at all. Then, just sit back and relax. We’ll take care of you at the earliest opportunity.

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