Web Design

As Steve Jobs famously stated, “design is not just what it looks and feels like; design is also how it works”. And we at Noctilucent agree.

Not only do we passively agree, we actively ensure that everything we produce is engineered for elegance from the inside out by prioritizing a broad range of device compatibility, following industry-standard design practices, not subliminally irritating visitors, and boosting conversion potential by highlighting the unique value proposition of your products or services.

Allow us to elaborate:

We provide responsive design services for your website.
We provide intuitive design services for your website.

To design a ‘comfortable’ website isn’t a common goal these days. When visiting most websites, have you noticed those obnoxious cookie banners immediately demanding your consent to who knows what? We don’t use cookies, so those don’t apply to us. How about annoying opt-in boxes distracting you from the content you came for? We use opt-in strips respectfully placed away from the content, but not out of view.

Or maybe you’ve also noticed the intrusive advertisements, lumbering animations, auto-playing media, noisy color palettes, borderline unreadable typefaces, busy element placement, information overload, or absurdly long load times, not to mention communication that treats guests more like automated phone systems than conscious human beings?

DON’T WAIT, BUY NOW, INQUIRE TODAY, CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE … who actually speaks this way in natural conversation?

In contrast, we approach the concept of design discerningly and holistically. Our values are simple; if you can provide your leads a better overall experience and inspire more confidence in your services than your competitor’s, they will naturally prefer to work with you instead of them. And in order to provide our clients’ leads an exemplary experience, you won’t find anything mentioned above present in our works.

That’s the Noctilucent Difference.

We provide comfortable design services for your website.
We provide conversion-centered design services for your website.

All of these methods joined together result in a more emotionally impactful lead impression of your brand, and thus a higher conversion rate.

Ready to make the first step? Simply tell us a little bit about who you are and what your business does, which of our plans and / or services interest you, and what type of online presence your business already has, if any at all. Then, just sit back and relax. We’ll take care of you at the earliest opportunity.

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